Monsanto demonstrates mechanised planting for hybrid maize in Bihar


Precision pneumatic planter helps in uniform germination

Patna, 17 November: Monsanto India, one of the leading global providers of technology based solutions and agricultural products, along with New Holland, a global leader in agricultural machinery, on November 15 demonstrated precision planting method using the Pneumatic planter in Village Nayanagar of Samastipur district. The state-of-the-art Pneumatic planter relies on an advanced precision planting mechanism for maize seeds. It helps in uniform germination by planting seeds at uniform depth which results in maintaining optimum plant standing, giving a boost to the yield by more than 10 per cent when compared to current planting practices. The planting machine, brought to the farmers in Bihar by joint efforts of Monsanto and New Holland, aims at encouraging mechanised planting for Hybrid maize in the State. Lack of mechanisation often becomes the root cause for non-optimal yields, as a good plant spacing is possible only when the planting is done properly and as per the required practices, which is extremely difficult with manual planting method.

Over the last few days, over 25 acres have been planted using this precision planter across Katihar, Darbhanga, Bhagalpur and Khagaria. Witnessing excellent germination in these fields, progressive farmers in the region are showing a keen interest in adopting the technology for their own fields. One such progressive farmer from Samastipur, Shri Sudhanshu Kumar, visited fields planted by Pneumatic planter in Bhagalpur district. Upon seeing the successful planting and the level of germination there, Shri Sudhanshu Kumar invited Monsanto to demonstrate the new planting method at his farm in Nayanagar, Samastipur.

Among other guests and dignitaries including scientists and farmers, Dr. Devendra Kumar Singh, Senior Scientist Agronomy, Rajendra Agricultural University, Pusa, was also present to witness the demonstration of this unique farm mechanisation technique. Speaking on the occasion, Dr Singh said “It is impressive to see the advancements being made in agricultural technology. The new pneumatic planter introduced by Monsanto in association with New Holland is a significant step towards overcoming the shortcomings of manual planting. This will help achieve the benefits of precision planting while saving on the cost and effort required in manual labour. This will also help get rid of the uncertainties and non-standardisation that are unavoidable in manual planting.

Having witnessed the excellent results from Bhagalpur and now showcasing the planting in his own fields, an elated Sudhanshu Kumar expressed firm hopes on getting positive results and said “One of the major issues we face with manual planting is placement at variable depths, which results in uneven germination, in turn leading to low plant standing. This, in turn, translates to lower yields. But now, with the precision planter in place, I am sure of getting rid of this challenge and hope to see a significantly high yield this Rabi season. The pneumatic planter by Monsanto and New Holland is showing excellent results already in the fields it has been used in.

Though maize is the third largest cereal crop in India after rice and wheat, India’s yields are one of the lowest at 2.5 tons/ hectare, compared to global average of 5 tons per hectare. However, the Rabi maize in Bihar has a significantly higher productivity, at about 4.3 tons/hectare, and there is still room to improve this further using the right agronomic practices. Use of the precision planter by Monsanto for sowing the high yielding Dekalb hybrid maize seeds, clubbed with better agronomic practices as advised by Monsanto Farm AgVisory Services (MFAS), can help farmers achieve higher yields out of their limited resources.


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