Patan farmers witnessed 60% higher yield using high density planting method


Mahyco Monsanto Biotech demonstrates high density planting to farmers and stakeholders

Patan, 15 November 2014: Mahyco Monsanto Biotech (MMB) today organised a demonstration of high density planting for Bollgard II seeds in Village Mithi Vavdi, Taluka Chanasma, Patan District, Gujarat. Planted with a spacing of 3x1 feet that results in an overall density as high as 14,000 plants per acre, this method leads to a net increase of 60% in the yields, compared to conventional farming practices.

When the farmers followed the traditional method of 5x1 feet spacing, they derived a yield of 13 quintals per acre. However, when the same farmers adopted the best agronomic practice of 3x1 feet spacing, as recommended by Mahyco Monsanto, they enjoyed a significantly higher yield of 20 quintals per acre using Bollgard II hybrids. The nipping was done on firm plants standing at a height of 3.5 feet. Farmers are expecting an additional output of nearly 10 quintals per acre from the second round of flowering.

Mr Ranchhodbhai Desai, Member of Legislative Assembly, Patan, who was present to witness the planting at Village Mithi Vavdi, said “I appreciate Mahyco Monsanto Biotech for supporting farmers with know-how on such advanced agronomic practices that enable them to produce more from their fields. Farmers have reported improved results with significantly higher output from their fields after adopting the recommendations made by the experts. I congratulate both, the company and the farmers, on such fruitful association and look forward to more such events.

The planting demonstration was witnessed by a number of other dignitaries, including Mr Dasharathbhai Patel, Chairman, Patan Kharid Vechan Sangh; Mr R K Chaudhari, Director, Department of Agriculture, Patan; Mr M P Chauhan, Zila Khetivadi Officer, Patan; and close to 1,000 farmers from Chanasma.

Mr Virambhai Patel, the farmer in whose field the planting was carried out, said “We witnessed an excellent yield in the last sowing season when we followed 3x1 feet spacing. It was 20 quintals for an acre as compared to the 13 quintals that we used to get otherwise. Mahyco Monsanto provides us with very good support on agronomic practices and keeps guiding us with knowledge that helps us improve our productivity. This results in better living for us as we are able to earn more money from the same land.

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