Superior Quality High yielding Dekalb hybrid maize seeds being distributed in Etah


Improved seeds & agronomic practices through (name of PPP) by the Government of Uttar Pradesh enable higher yields & income for farmers

Etah, Uttar Pradesh, May 31, 2014: Monsanto India Limited has started distributing its high yielding variety of Dekalb hybrid maize seeds - DKC7074, in Etah under the Public Private Partnership project Hybrid Maize Seed Karya Yojna 2014 by the Department of Agriculture, Government of Uttar Pradesh. This variety has been endorsed by the farmers and is widely accepted for its fast growth, less water requirement, better disease tolerance, attractive grain colour, higher produce price, good yield, and its adaptability to many crop rotations.

Dekalb, a leading brand of Hybrid Maize seeds, has partnered with the Govt of Uttar Pradesh since 2011 to offer three high-yielding hybrids – Dekalb Double, Dekalb 900M Gold and Dekalb 7074, to farmers as part of this Public Private Partnership initiative. Dekalb is one of the six leading brands that have partnered with the Government of Uttar Pradesh to provide high-yielding Hybrid Maize Seeds at a subsidized rate to farmers in 26 select districts of UP.

Farmers are delighted to get their seed of choice, DKC7074, at subsidized rates due to the PPP project. As per the project, one KG of DKC7074 is available at subsidized rate of Rs. 65.70

Every day, thousands of farmers are queuing to collect the packet of seeds testifying to the benefit they received from brands like Dekalb through this initiative. Over the past three years, farmers have been able to increase marketable produce and yield by choosing to plant the high yielding hybrid maize varieties. Through this PPP project, farmers have not only obtained high quality hybrid maize seeds, but also regular guidance on advanced agronomic practices and have increased yields with less inputs.

About Hybrid Maize Seed Karya Yojna

With the objective to establish Hybrid Maize as a leading cash crop in UP, this project, Hybrid Maize Seed Karya Yojna started in 2011 and aims to increase productivity, improve crop yields and farmer incomes, and thus, transform the lives of thousands of maize farmers in Uttar Pradesh. Farmers gain access to quality inputs including high-yielding hybrid maize seeds, as well as the latest agronomic practices. The project has already benefitted thousands of farmers across the state. The average yield increased by 6-7 quintals per acre and farmers now earn approx. Rs. 6,000 – Rs. 7,000 incremental income.

About Dekalb

Monsanto offers high yielding Dekalb brand of hybrid maize, known for its breeding excellence and high productivity. Dekalb is offered in 20 high-yielding maize hybrids, which are developed in India and tested extensively in partnerships with several State Agriculture Universities and other leading Agricultural Institutions.