Monsanto showcases superior Dekalb® Hybrid Maize to local farmers


High yielding Dekalb® maize hybrids aim to help farmers achieve optimum output

Purnia, April 23: Monsanto India, one of the leading agriculture companies worldwide, showcased its high-yielding Dekalb® brand of hybrid maize at a farm at Purnia today. Farmers from nearby areas also participated in the event and witnessed a range of superior maize hybrids from Dekalb like DKC 9120, DKC 9135 and DKC 9155.

Bihar is a leading maize producing state and largely dominated by agriculture, a sector that contributes nearly half of the state’s GDP. Monsanto is one of the world’s leading agriculture companies committed towards providing quality inputs to farmers and help them achieve optimum output from their fields. Local farmers from Purnia, who have been grown Dekalb hybrid maize are quite happy with the results and shared their success story.

Shri Papu Singh, on whose farm the event was organized, shared his experience with Dekalb hybrid maize, saying “Dekalb hybrid maize gives a higher yield than most of the other hybrids available in the market. DKC 9120 has an excellent standing and low harvest moisture. I am expecting an output of nearly 50 quintals per acre, and having invested almost INR 15000 for an acre, I hope to earn a profit upwards of INR 25000 from every acre of land.

“I have a fifty acre farm of which planting using mechanised planters was done in seven acres. This sowing was done in the beginning of November month. Monsanto not only provides excellent quality seeds but the teams also guided me on best agronomic practices to follow. I received advice on aspects like plant spacing and population and even used a Pneumatic planter. As a result, germination and seeding vigour were very good. The crop is about to reach maturity now. The cob is shaping up in a uniform manner and is quite robust with thick plants” added Papu Singh.

As per the data from Department of Agriculture, Government of Bihar, agriculture forms the backbone of the state’s economy with a 42 per cent contribution to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and an employment share of 81 per cent of the state’s total workforce. With respect to maize, total area under cultivation in Bihar is nearly 7 lakh hectares with a production of close to 24 lakh tons. Given the importance of agriculture and the share of maize in agriculture, an increase in the maize productivity directly translates into a higher GDP for the state. As per the Department of Agriculture and Cooperation under the Ministry of Agriculture of India, the winter maize productivity in Bihar is 4.3 MT per hectare compared to the overall productivity of 3.6 MT per hectare. “Bihar has potential to reach the global productivity level of 5 MT per hectare, especially in winter season, because of its suitable climate for maize. Increasing productivity of maize in Bihar by using high yielding maize hybrids, and educating the farmers on the best-in-class agronomic practices to get the maximum yield from these seeds can help the state achieve its potential” added Dr. Ram Murti Sirohi, from Monsanto India Ltd.

During the event, Dekalb team highlighted the importance of optimum plant population and plant spacing in order to ensure good yield. The team also shared information on the benefits of mechanised planting of maize seeds using pneumatic planter and advanced precision planting mechanism for hybrid maize. Use of the precision planter by Monsanto for sowing the high yielding Dekalb hybrid maize seeds, clubbed with better agronomic practices as advised by Monsanto Farm AgVisory Services (MFAS), can help farmers achieve higher yields out of their limited resources.

Ramanugrah Pandey, Regional Manager – Corn, Monsanto India, elaborated, “Maize is an extremely crucial crop for Bihar, with more than half a million farmers engaged in maize farming. We believe that even though the average productivity of maize in Bihar is higher than the national average, there is immense potential to take output to even better levels. Our Dekalb range of maize hybrids like DKC 9120, DKC 9135 and DKC 9155, developed to suit specific agronomic conditions for these regions, will help farmers significantly improve their yields. Our wide hybrid maize range is known for its breeding excellence and high productivity. We are committed to help farmers achieve optimum output and improve lives.”



Monsanto offers high yielding DEKALB brand of hybrid maize, known for its breeding excellence and high productivity. Dekalb is offered in 20 high-yielding maize hybrids, which are developed in India and tested extensively in partnerships with several State Agriculture Universities and other leading Agricultural Institutions.

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