Anti-venom kits distributed to save lives in Maharashtra


Five anti-venom kits across the state have already saved four lives in the past couple of years

Maharashtra, 27 August 2014: Monsanto India Human Rights team has been operating a unique snake anti-venom program since 2008. The company identified snake bites as one of the major field hazards in seed production locations, and rolled out this robust anti-venom program which is spread across the four Indian States of Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Gujarat, and has saved over 55 lives till now. In the state of Maharashtra alone, five kits have been placed which have, till date, saved four precious lives.

As mentioned by Mella Radha Madhav, Human Rights Lead, Monsanto, “We (Monsanto India) observed that despite snakebites being such a huge problem, the rural community in India is generally not aware of right medical-aid for snake-bites. In the absence of the right knowledge and resources, they end up approaching local doctors who may not have the requisite basic facilities immediately. Our program involves a systematic approach of identification of snake infested areas, making the anti-venom kits available with government and private physicians who were earlier not fully equipped to handle such cases and most importantly educating the community on this program”.

In Maharashtra, a total of five kits have been distributed across five Taluks including Paithan, district Aurangabad; D Raja and Lonar, district Buldhana; and Tembhurni and Rajur Taluks of Jalna district. These kits have been placed under the custody of Dr Londhe, Mauli Hospital, Paithan; Dr Kakad, Kakad Hospital, D Raja; Dr Lahane, Civil Hospital, Lonar; Dr Avhad, Avhad Hospital, Tembhurni; and Dr Talekar, Talekar Hospital, Rejur. This program has helped save four lives in the state so far, including Sopan Kashinath Mhaske, Shakilkha Pathan and Prabhakar Vishwanath Ghadling from D Raja Taluk and Smt Parvathi Laxman Wagh from Lonar.

This Anti-Venom program by Monsanto India has not only saved many lives in rural and remote locations which is of immense value, but also created awareness in the communities on such field hazards and set new safety standards in the society. The program has gained momentum in the past years bringing a robust system change in the communities where the company operates by saving precious human lives.

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