Monsanto in Australia and New Zealand

The original Monsanto Company began its operations in Australia in 1928 with a focus on the commodity chemicals business before expanding into agricultural products in the 1950s. In 2000, the original company entered into a merger and changed its name to Pharmacia Corporation. Pharmacia Corporation then formed a new subsidiary for its agricultural business and called it Monsanto Company. The new Monsanto Company began operating as a business in 2000 and was spun off as an independent company in 2002. This new company is the Monsanto we know today.

Monsanto’s products have become indispensable to Australian and New Zealand agriculture. For example, Monsanto introduced Roundup® agricultural herbicide in the 1970’s and subsequently went on to help Australian farmers lead the way in developing conservation tillage techniques which help minimise soil erosion. Today our Roundup branded products are the world’s best selling herbicides, a critical weed control tool for Australian and New Zealand farmers. For more than 20 years Monsanto supplied Roundup branded products to Australian and New Zealand growers. To learn more about who distributes Roundup products in Australia and New Zealand on behalf Monsanto for both agricultural uses and home garden visit our Roundup page.

Today, we serve the Australian cotton industry, through research, breeding and production of cotton seed and biotechnology products; the grains industry, with the introduction of our Roundup Ready canola technology; and the Australian and New Zealand horticultural industry through Seminis and De Ruiter vegetable seed product range.