Our Commitment to Conserving More

Conserving more resources


 Our commitment to conserving more


What are we doing?

  • Reduced tillage means less irrigation - Our Roundup Ready® trait technology, used in combination with Roundup agricultural herbicides, is one of the most important technologies to advance conservation tillage. Farmers who use conservation tillage techniques can conserve more water because the reduced land tillage increases soil moisture so less irrigation is needed.
  • Faster crop growth limits water evaporation - Our seed treatments enable crops to sprout and establish faster, limiting the amount of water lost to evaporation before the crop develops a canopy.
  • Advanced breeding and better hybrids - Our advanced breeding techniques are enhancing the development of hybrids best suited for water-limited environments.
  • Using nitrogen more efficiently - We are working to develop crops that use nitrogen more efficiently.
  • Maximising soil health - Our products help farmers maintain the integrity and productivity of their soil by enabling conservation tillage and more efficient use of nutrient inputs.