Our biotechnology canola pipeline seeks to simplify crop management and both increase and secure profitability for the Australian canola industry through herbicide tolerance and improved weed control.

Our strength is in the combination of our Technology and Development team in combination with our product pipeline. It means we’re able to identify technologies suited for the Australian market, make them available and provide growers and industry on stewardship and agronomic recommendations – to help growers get the most out of their canola crop.


Our product pipeline

TruFlex Roundup Ready® canola

TruFlex Roundup Ready canola is Monsanto’s new trait introduction that will allow growers to maximise their crop’s yield potential through unmatched weed control, enhanced crop safety, and greater flexibility to manage weeds.


Many weeds including the key weeds Annual Ryegrass and Wild Radish can germinate multiple times and these subsequent germinations can occur outside the current window of application of Roundup brand herbicides. TruFlex Roundup Ready canola is the second-generation weed control product offering growers greater flexibility through an extended application window up to first flower and an opportunity to apply Roundup Ready® Herbicide with PLANTSHIELD® by Monsanto or Roundup Ready® PL Herbicide with PLANTSHIELD® at higher rates for enhanced weed control.


Monsanto received a license for commercial release of TruFlex Roundup Ready canola from the Office of Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) in 2014. In 2015, Monsanto also received approval from the Australian Pesticides & Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) to apply Roundup-brand herbicides over the top of TruFlex Roundup Ready canola.

Prior to launching a biotechnology trait into a market, it is critical that all approvals have been received in markets that may import produce from the crop in question. At present, Monsanto is seeking the final approvals in canola importing countries and anticipate receiving the final one in 2018. At this stage, Monsanto plan to launch TruFlex Roundup Ready canola to Australian growers in the 2019 season (subject to regulatory approvals).

In the seasons leading up to launch, Monsanto will work with licensees to ensure TruFlex Roundup Ready canola is available in leading germplasm. Growers will have a chance to see this material in the field at a number of National Variety Trial (NVT) sites in 2017 and 2018. Please contact your Regional Business Manager for further information.

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Our expertise

Our canola Technology Development team consists of:

Matthew Hayes – Glyphosate and Canola Technical Specialist

After completing a Bachelor of Agricultural Science at the University of Melbourne in 2000, Matthew spent two years with GrainCorp as an agronomist and grain trader in central west New South Wales, focusing on broadacre cropping systems.

While working with Agrisearch, Matthew conducted agricultural chemical trial research as part of new registration submissions, label extensions and minor use permits, for major private crop protection companies and industry groups. This work was conducted in a wide range of crops and pests, weeds and diseases, with a focus on broadacre herbicides.

Matthew joined Monsanto in 2012 as the Glyphosate and Canola Technical Specialist. His role involves:

    • OGTR/APVMA submissions for TruFlex – collecting and interpreting data and working with the US. Crop safety, performance of TruFlex in comparison with other herbicide tolerant canola, managing a number of trial sites across the country
    • Glyphosate – glyphosate resistance management – promoting WeedSmart and to promote IWM practices among grain growers to reduce the risk of glyphosate resistance development.
    • Review and establish protocols and reports on home and garden and agricultural use of Roundup herbicides for APVMA submissions and label extensions.

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Our Expertise