Cotton is an important crop world-wide, producing a range of essential products from all-natural fibre to oil and animal feed.

Three of Monsanto's cotton biotech traits are commercially available in Australian cotton seed varieties; Bollgard® 3, Bollgard II® and Roundup Ready Flex® cotton.  

Cotton varieties incorporating these traits have identical lint and oil quality as conventional cotton lines, however they offer a significant boost to productivity while reducing environmental impacts. These benefits include fewer pesticide applications, easier crop management and increased profitability.

Bollgard 3 cotton provides the latest in-built protection against the larvae of Helicoverpa spp., one of the cotton industry's most significant insect pests. It is a third generation product, which follows the introduction of Bollgard II. When compared to Bollgard II, Bollgard 3 contains an additional third protein which improves the stability of insect control during the growing season and offers improved benefits for resistance management.

cotton field

Roundup Ready Flex cotton possesses both vegetative and reproductive tolerance to the Roundup® family of herbicides. While the first generation product, Roundup Ready cotton, contains one copy of the CP4EPSPS gene, Roundup Ready Flex contains two copies. It also has a unique promoter sequence that allows for the expression of the CP4-EPSPS protein in the reproductive plant parts as well as the vegetative plant tissue. Results from several years of research and commercialisation in both Australia and the US have shown that Roundup Ready Flex cultivars are tolerant to excessive Roundup applications well into flowering.

Explore this section to learn more about these technologies, where you can buy from our network of Technology Service Providers and more information about our Stewardship efforts.


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If you haven’t grown cotton before there’s a few places that you can start:

  • Your Monsanto Regional Business Manager – Our team are available to answer any questions you may have regarding the Cotton Choices program or cotton stewardship. To contact your Regional Business Manager click here.
  • Your Technology Service Provider (TSP) – TSPs provide technology support, Technology User Agreements (TUA), Roundup Ready Herbicide with PLANTSHIELD® by Monsanto and cotton seed. To find your local TSP click here.
  • Cotton Choices calculator – Cotton Choices lets you choose how you pay your technology fees on Bollgard II and Bollgard II stacked with Roundup Ready Flex cotton. Use the calculator to compare the Cotton Choices and see which option best suits your farming operation. Visit
  • Cotton Seed Distributors - Cotton Seed Distributors can provide you with expert information, tips and updates on which cotton variety, whether irrigated or dryland, suits your farming operation. They work with CSIRO division of Plant Industry to bring high performing varieties to growers, with the aim of increasing potential return for growers. To visit their website, click here.
  • Cotton Australia – The new grower kit provides growers who are considering growing cotton, or who are new to the industry, with practical advice and information on how to get started, your responsibilities, things to consider and who to talk to. To access the kit click here
  • MyBMP – A free, online farm management tool that helps you manage your responsibilities to the natural environment and your workers. It helps you meet legislative requirements, reduce risks around the farm and keep your paperwork in order. To register for MyBMP click here.
  • Cotton Consultants – If you’re looking for your local cotton consultant, contact Crop Consultants Australia (CCA). The CCA provide a network for, and represents, cotton consultants.
  • Your local Cotton Grower Association – They’re a great contact for information relevant to your area, as well as ensuring that growers in your area are represented in the broader Australian cotton industry. To contact your CGA, click here
  • CRDC publications – Download useful industry guides on cotton production, pest management, farm hygiene and a range of other topics. Access their publications here