Canola Stewardship

Monsanto takes product stewardship very seriously. This includes ensuring environmental standards are not only met, but exceeded and protecting the safety of our people and communities. Monsanto’s stewardship commitments are a top priority.

The Roundup Ready® canola stewardship program is monitored, researched and reviewed. The program provides everyone involved in the growing and management of the crop with the legal requirements, agronomic considerations and application options.


Crop Management Plan (CMP) and Resistance Management Plan (RMP)

The Roundup Ready canola Crop Management Plan (CMP) provides strategies for on-farm management of risks to the grain crop supply-chains and the sustainability of agricultural production.

These strategies:

  1. Contribute to the long-term economic and environmental sustainability of Roundup Ready canola
  2. Maximise the life of the technology
  3. Enable different production/market systems to operate in response to changing market and non-market requirements

The CMP also contains the Roundup Ready canola Resistance Management Plan (RMP) to ensure the sustainable use of Roundup Ready Herbicide with PLANTSHIELD® by Monsanto in Australia.


Keeping accurate paddock records with a logbook

It is important that growers keep paddock records, which outline the pre–planting, in–crop and post–harvest activities undertaken and management practices implemented to minimise the risk of glyphosate resistance development. To facilitate good record keeping practices, growers should use appropriate record keeping systems.

Download a copy of the Roundup Ready canola grower log book including the paddock records that should be kept, in line with the Roundup Ready canola Resistance Management Plan.


Paddock Risk Assessment Management Option Guide (PRAMOG)

PRAMOG assists growers understand glyphosate resistance risk. Growers are encouraged to assess their glyphosate resistance risk prior to planting Roundup Ready canola.

To learn more about PRAMOG and other tools that can help assist you in calculating your glyphosate risk rating please visit our PRAMOG page.

To learn more about the Technology available to Australian growers please visit our Roundup Ready page.