Canola Licensing

In 2019, Bayer are providing growers the flexibility to choose how they pay their Roundup Ready canola technology fee, with a simple program.

Choose how you pay
Choice 1: Choose to pay $8.30/kg (ex. GST) upfront, OR,
Choice 2: Opt-in to the DecilePro™ program by 15 April.

What is the DecilePro program?
A simple way to help you manage low grow season rainfall.

Roundup Ready canola Technology fee waived for Decile 3 rainfall or lower
If a participating field receives a decile 3 rainfall or below the technology fee is waived for that field.

Delayed payment terms for Decile 4 rainfall and above
Opt in by 15 April and pay nothing upfront for your technology fee. Fields that receive decile 4 rainfall or above will be invoiced for $15/kg (ex. GST) at the end of the season, providing cash-flow benefits through payment terms extending past harvest.

Rainfall deciles unique to each grower’s farm
GPS points provided when opting into the program will be used to calculate the rainfall decile from the Bureau of Meteorology 5km2 grid. Deciles are calculated on your most recent 20-years of rainfall - meaning it’s specific to your farm.

Find out more about the DecilePro program here

Plus, this season, if your Roundup Ready canola crop needs to be replanted,* Bayer will waive the technology fee on the seed purchased for replanting.

*Subject to verification
• Growing season rainfall is calculated as rainfall measured by the Bureau of Meteorology gridded data set between 1 May and 31 October of the relevant growing season.
• If the grower receives a decile 4 rainfall or above, grower agrees to pay $15/kg (ex. GST) seed
• This offer is valid on all Roundup Ready canola sales in 2019.
• Program is valid for technology fee only and does not include seed cost or any other input costs.
• Please see full terms and conditions for further information.
• All prices are exclusive of GST.

How does a grower access Roundup Ready canola or TruFlex canola?

The Roundup Ready canola Crop Management Plan (CMP) including the Resistance Management Plan (RMP) details strategies that can be implemented on-farm to manage risks to the integrity of grain supply-chains and the sustainability of agricultural production.
Download a copy of the Roundup Ready canola Crop Management Plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a License and Stewardship Agreement (LSA)?
This is an agreement between Monsanto and a farmer granting the farmer rights to purchase and plant Roundup Ready canola or TruFlex canola seed. By signing the LSA farmers agree to comply with the license terms, the Roundup Ready canola Crop Management Plan (CMP), and all relevant regulatory requirements of the APVMA and the Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR). They also agree to deliver grain from their Roundup Ready canola or TruFlex canola crop only to an authorized grain handler and to declare grain as Roundup Ready canola or TruFlex canola. Farmers can sign and return an LSA to Monsanto at any time. An LSA must be signed, received and accepted by Monsanto before a grower can take possession (delivery) of seed containing the Roundup Ready canola or TruFlex canola trait. By signing the LSA, farmers are not obligated to grow Roundup Ready canola or TruFlex canola and there are no costs incurred at this stage. Farmers can sign an LSA before attending an accreditation session, but must be accredited prior to taking delivery of Roundup Ready canola or TruFlex canola seed.

Where can I go for more information?
If you would like to learn more about Roundup Ready canola and TruFlex canola visit, visit your local Technology Service Provider or Monsanto:

Ph: 1800 069 569

Bayer canola contacts:

Hugh Trenorden
Regional Business Manager - Western Australia
PH: 0437 206 313

Donald Benn
Product and Stewardship Manager
PH: 0407 283 304

Matthew Hayes
Technology Development Manager: Canola and Crop Protection
PH: 0409 030 786


NOTE: Roundup Ready canola and TruFlex canola cannot be grown in SA, NT, TAS or ACT