Bollgard II

Bollgard II



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To learn more about Bollgard II cotton download a copy of the Technical Manual.

What is Bollgard II®

Bollgard II cotton contains two genes derived from the common soil bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis. These bacteria produce a large array of crystalline proteins, two of which are produced in Bollgard II® cotton, Cry1Ac and Cry2Ab. Cry1Ac is specific to Lepidoptera (moths, including our major pests, Helicoverpa spp.) and Cry2Ab to Diptera (flies) and Lepidoptera, giving inbuilt protection against the larvae of Helicoverpa spp.

Why growers choose the technology

Bollgard II provides excellent season long control against the larvae of Helicoverpa spp., which leads to a direct reduction in the need for insecticide sprays. Less broad spectrum insecticide usage on Bollgard II® allows natural enemy species to build up and reduces insecticidal impact on the environment. This means reduced variability in planning and budgeting for insect control costs and operational efficiency gains for the farmer.

Bollgard II enables a sustainable platform for proactive insect resistance management as the two genes in Bollgard II offter two different modes of control, which greatly reduces the risk of resistance developing compared with single gene products or insecticides.

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