Bollgard® 3

An easier way to grow cotton

The introduction of Bollgard 3 marks an important milestone for the cotton industry and ensure that insect protected cotton technology will continue to perform the way that growers need and expect for many years to come. 

Three modes of action  Reduced need for broad spectrum herbicide sprays  Greater first position fruit retention 
Each of the three proteins in Bollgard 3 – Cry1Ac, Cry2Ab and Vip3A has a different mode of action or ‘kill’ the larvae in a different way, allowing growers to effectively control H. armigera and H. punctigera for most of the cotton season.  Bollgard 3 significantly reduces the need for the application of broad-spectrum pesticides, giving other insects, including beneficials, the chance to develop as well as reducing water, soil and air  contamination.

In comparison with conventional cotton plants, Bollgard 3 plants have significantly higher first position retention on the bottom five fruiting branches. Loss of first-position fruit can result in a significant yield penalty.

What is Bollgard 3?

Bollgard 3 will make growing cotton easier as it allows growers to manage their crop with more flexibility. The addition of a third gene reduces the existing resistance management requirements allowing growers to plant more cotton.

The addition of a third protein, Vip3A, reinforces the Bt proteins found in Bollgard II® – Cry1Ac and Cry2Ab. Having three proteins will increase the longevity of the technology, with each having a different mode of action or ‘kill’ the larvae in a different way.

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