Seminis Spinach leaves the others behind


If you were going to ask anyone what spinach you should grow, you’d ask Frank Ruffo - a stalwart of the Victorian vegetable industry, he was named 2012 Australian Vegetable Grower Of The Year.

"Superior leaf quality and unrivalled disease management."

This is what Mr Ruffo, says sets Seminis Spinach varieties apart from its competitors.

Mr Ruffo’s operation, Tripod Farmers, grows the full suite of lettuce leaf varieties – from full headed cos to watercress. He says the pick of the bunch is always the Seminis Spinach varieties, in particular Seminis Island.

"Because the leaves are so good and so consistent, my buyers from hospitality to wholesalers will not accept anything less, we’re all looking forward to the evolution of Seminis Spinach varieties in 2013." Said Mr Ruffo.

Seminis Island has evolved into the new SV2157VB variety. SV2157VB has greater resistance to Downy Mildew, resulting in superior yield potential. This stay green variety has the added appeal of a darkened leaf tone.

Monsanto Australia and New Zealand Technology Development Specialist , Chris Bone is excited about what the SV2157VB brings to market, noting that it offers growers increased reliability and is designed to have maximum appeal for consumers.

"Seminis Island has been a great product because the thickness of the leaf is so consistent however growers have simply come to expect this.

"SV2157VB offers these core qualities as well as enhanced resistance, yield potential, and a more attractive, darker leaf," Mr Bone said.

The SV2157VB variety has undergone two years of rigorous testing in all major Australian spinach growing regions – which have returned extremely positive results and yields.

"Thicker leaves, higher yields and better resistance. That’s Seminis." Frank Ruffo, Tripod Farmers.

For more information on SV2157VB, please contact Rachel Palumbo + 61 3 9522 7122.


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