'Beautiful Green' Bellaverde now available in Australia


Monsanto’s new variation of long stemmed broccoli, trademarked Bellaverde, delivers on quality and taste with consumers in the United Kingdom preferring it over traditional broccoli and brocolini.

Now available in Australia and marketed by Riverside, Bellaverde is a sweet tasting broccoli with a delicate and fresh flavour that is extremely versatile for a variety of cooking needs.

Research commissioned in the United Kingdom revealed consumers preferred the sweetness of the varietal over the bitterness of traditional broccoli.

Bellaverde, Italian for ‘beautiful green,’ was named by growers because it remains a vibrant green colour after cooking. The long stemmed broccoli is similar in appearance to Cime di Rapa, or wild broccoli.

Riverside Business Manager, Nathan Bischa, said the variety has the makings to be a favourite vegetable among Australians.

“Bellaverde is a true, pure variety which means it has not been crossed with any other vegetables and therefore carries all the health boosting superfood qualities of traditional broccoli, without the bitter taste.”

“It’s extremely versatile, quick cooking and can be cooked/eaten in its entirety – these elements, together with Bellaverde’s taste, have us really excited about its potential,” Mr Bischa said.

Monsanto Technology Development Lead, Troy Mulchay, said the taste and quality advances in Bellaverde are linked to the way in which it is harvested.

“Our breeders developed a broccoli where the main head is harvested in the early stage, which then helps develop the young side shoots.

“The side shoots are handpicked after just ten days of growing and have a delicate, fresh and sweet taste quite unlike any other broccoli variety we’ve seen in Australia,” Mr Mulchay said.

Bellaverde from Riverside is available through selected quality grocers and for wholesale purchase at the following agents:

Melbourne: Veli Velisha, Aveling, Melba Fresh. Sydney: Stuart Dickson. Adelaide: Fruit for You

In Australia, Bellaverde is trademarked and developed by Monsanto and marketed by Riverside. Inquiries about wholesaling Bellaverde are directed to Nathan Bischa at Riverside on (03) 9742 1806


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