Roundup Ready® canola 2010 performance


The results coming from a range of agronomic and research trials from last season tell the story on the performance and value of Roundup Ready canola for grain producers.

Despite extremely adverse climatic conditions across the country, Roundup Ready varieties performed strongly across a majority of trial sites in 2010. In WA, the feedback was particularly positive on how the varieties performed in their first year of full commercial availability, by offering exceptional weed control.

Tom Breen, Monsanto’s Regional Business Manager for WA, says grain producers noted the potential of the new varieties and are keen to get the best possible economic return.

“In WA, crop performance hinged on eeking out every available millilitre of moisture. Effectively controlling weeds to eliminate competition for soil moisture was imperative to obtain maximum yields and set paddocks up for a clean start to 2011.”

“Farmers want the best weed control system without compromising returns, and while 2010 was a tough year, farmers are recognising that this is what Roundup Ready (RR) canola offers – a profitable weed control system.”

04_01_01 news release 1 apr 2011He says for instance, in the Landmark Wongan Hills herbicide-tolerant canola trial, overwhelmingly positive results were recorded at key stages in the season. This trial really highlighted the advantages of the system when compared with those reliant on Group A herbicides.

Table: Final weed seed heads (‘pannicles’) per square metre for TT and RR canola systems, at two seeding rates

“There is also the widely recognised need to have an effective alternative chemical group to target Group A and B resistant weeds,” he said.

“In a more , dare I say it ‘typical’ rainfall year, we’d expect these attributes of RR canola to compound and their capacity for profitable weed control will be even more apparent.”

Tom also points to trial data which shows the varieties are amongst the highest yielding available.

“When combined across all sites, the results indicate that the top RR varieties yielded 21% higher than the top yielding triazine tolerant varieties, and trended higher than the top yielding Clearfield varieties.”

04_01_02 news release

“To cap it off, seven of the ten highest yielding varieties were Roundup Ready canola.” Detailed information and analysis of these NVT trials is posted on:

Roundup Ready canola varieties also performed strongly in the WA Department of Agriculture and Food trials as presented by DAFWA’s Mark Seymour at the recent WA 2011 Agribusiness Crop Updates. Overall, Roundup Ready treatments were consistently higher yielding and provided higher returns than other herbicide technologies:

04_01_03 news release

 “It’s important to see this Roundup Ready technology as providing answers for several issues, most important of all is that farmers can maximise profitability with excellent weed control and higher yields,” Mr Breen said.

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