Bright outlook for Roundup Ready canola as more growers make the switch


Profitable weed control, diminishing premiums for non-GM canola and access to high performing varieties attracted the highest number of growers yet to plant Roundup Ready canola in 2012.

In just three years, the area planted to Roundup Ready canola has grown by 32 per cent to 177,000 hectares accounting for 8.4 per cent of the canola planted in GM growing states last season.

Roundup Ready canola’s share of the canola planted in these states has increased nearly 40% over this period.

Monsanto’s Australia Managing Director, Daniel Kruithoff, said Roundup Ready canola is fast becoming a mainstream crop in Australia.

“Weeds cost Australian agriculture an estimated $4 billion each year so it is no surprise that an increasing number of growers are turning to Roundup Ready canola for the profitable weed control that it offers.

“Roundup Ready canola growers also benefited from more favourable market conditions that saw most growers receiving prices within $10 of those for non-GM canola for their last harvest.

“We are expecting an even better season in 2013 on the back of growing momentum in the marketplace towards Roundup Ready canola such as China reopening its market to Australian canola after resolving Blackleg import restrictions.

“China, along with other major markets in Asia, accepts GM canola so Roundup Ready canola growers stand to benefit from regaining access to this important market,” Mr Kruithoff said.

Recent National Variety Trials (NVT) also revealed that Roundup Ready canola varieties are higher yielding than other herbicide tolerant varieties.

NVT data shows Roundup Ready canola is on average yielding 12 per cent higher than Triazine Tolerant canola and 6 per cent higher than Clearfield over the last three years.

“Along with superior weed control and favourable market conditions, Roundup Ready canola growers are also benefiting from higher yields. Roundup Ready canola is simply delivering increasing value to growers,” Mr Kruithoff said.

Daniel also said that Monsanto had simplified licensing arrangements to make it as easy for growers to purchase Roundup Ready canola as any other canola.

The area planted to Roundup Ready canola last year was 177,000, up from around 141,000 in 2011 and 134,000 in 2010.

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