Better Weed Control. Better Yield.


That’s why Darren Chitty will be looking to Monsanto’s Roundup Ready® canola in 2013.

Darren, who grows canola, wheat and barley over 1000 hectares near Wongan Hills, started using Roundup Ready canola in 2010 and hasn’t looked back.

After planting his first crop of Roundup Ready canola, he quickly recognised its significant advantages.

“As a Product Development Agronomist for Landmark in West Australia, I was able to see the benefits in the trial work, which gave me confidence to implement Roundup Ready on the family farm straight away.”

The Roundup Ready system achieved excellent ryegrass control with maximum yields and ensured that herbicides remained effective. The variety was so successful that he removed lupins from his cropping to make way for more canola. And by helping to fight weeds on his property, Roundup Ready canola has even benefitted his wheat crops.

“Roundup Ready works well in my area because Wongan Hills is renowned for herbicide resistant ryegrass. Ryegrass and wild radish control in lupins was failing and required numerous sprays, whereas the Roundup Ready canola is very simple and provides much better weed control.

“We've benefitted with far superior ryegrass control, which results in much cleaner wheat crops. We were able to dry seed 75 per cent of our wheat program in 2012 and that's because our ryegrass numbers are much lower now than what they were three years ago.”

So when it comes to planning your canola crops for next year, remember Darren’s final words on Roundup Ready canola – “Simpler and better weed control.”

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