Work Life Balance

Work-life balance at Monsanto is about creating a healthy, satisfied balance among our people between their work and personal commitments. Our aim is to create an environment that is conducive to each employee achieving their own work-life balance, as per their personal preferences and needs.  Some of the initiatives that help create this environment include:

  • Flexible working arrangements such as the ability to work from home
  • Flexible working schedules that support “Outcomes” rather than “Presenteeism”
  • Part-time hours are available in some instances
  • Educating our People Managers on the importance of leading by example with their own work-life balance practices
  • Encouraging communication between people managers and their people around what constitutes work-life balance for each
  • Competitive maternity and paternity schemes. We offer:
    • 12 weeks maternity leave. We also encourage our employees to keep in touch while on maternity leave so that they stay connected with their colleagues and with what’s happening in the business and our industry.
      In addition:
      • Ensure people managers work with their employee to develop an agreed “return to work plan”.  This enables:
        • A smooth transition back to work and to their team
        • Discussion around whether the employee is able and wants to return full time or part time
        • Discussion around role clarity for the returning employee, especially if there have been organisational changes in their absence
        • Discussion around any new training requirements
      • 2 weeks paternity leave

We also offer a unique Online Health and Wellbeing Program. Click here for more information.