Learning & Development

As one of the world’s leading agricultural technology companies, we are continually developing innovative new products for our customers. We appreciate that innovation is created by people and treat our employees as our most important resource. We help our people discover and develop the talents they possess.

Our people development programs are part of a strategic emphasis on cultivating the amazing people who have made Monsanto a global business leader.

We believe that a job description is just the starting point of what an employee can accomplish. We offer many opportunities, both formal and informal, to help employees develop. We believe that the best learning happens on the job.

Our practice of promoting from within provides our employees the opportunity to grow their careers. Additionally, all employees are encouraged to engage in a formal development conversation at least once each year with their managers; the goal of this conversation is to ensure that managers and employees have a shared understanding of the employee’s career goals and immediate development opportunities.

In conjunction with these formal discussions – regular, everyday dialogue and feedback between employees and managers at all levels of our organization helps create an environment of transparency, candor and collaboration that supports growth and development.

We also offer more formal programs:

  • Development, Performance and Rewards (our Performance Management Process)
  • Regional Leadership Exchange
  • Global Leadership Exchange
  • Leadership 180 Feedback Process
  • People Leader Learning Series
  • Monsanto University
  • International Assignments
  • Employee Education Assistance Program

Personal Growth

We seek employees who are willing to reach higher and grow personally. We offer an exciting career path for those who join us. Our practice of promoting from within with cross-functional assignments provides our employees the opportunity to grow and stretch their careers. Our belief is that to progress as a company, we must help individuals progress. We do this on an ongoing basis through our established Development, Performance and Rewards (DPR) process. Our DPR process provides a framework in which Monsanto people can develop themselves in ways that contribute to our business success and gain increasing rewards. Goal setting, coaching and feedback are essential components of DPR. We also encourage continuous professional growth and development; a variety of internal and external seminars and conferences are available to increase your technical, professional and managerial skills.

Five key areas which define the critical competencies of our current and future employees are:

  • Relationships and Networks
  • Courage and Candor
  • Initiative and Foresight
  • Agility
  • Results Orientation

When every Monsanto employee seeks to understand the competencies, how they apply to them, and incorporate these behaviours into the way they get their work done, Monsanto’s competitive edge is strengthened and sustained in our new business environment.


Relationships and Networks

  • Recognising, respecting and leveraging the talents, skills and resources of others, both in and outside of Monsanto.
  • Working effectively with teams and networks across geographic, political, demographic, functional and other cultural and organizational boundaries.
  • Establishing a high level of trust that allows us to become the partner of choice.

Courage and Candor

  • Know what you believe and be willing to respectfully express opinions to improve the common good, particularly when it means challenging the status quo.
  • Courageously face new challenges and opportunities; leaving behind the familiar in an exploration of the unknown.


  • Demonstrate a high level of comfort with ambiguity.
  • Adapt quickly to changes in our business; Strong ability to respond quickly to new opportunities.
  • Understand our business and the drivers of change in our environment in order to respond accordingly.

Initiative and Foresight

  • Anticipate and plan for the future.
  • Take action instead of waiting to be told what to do, or waiting for the environment to become more stable.

Results Orientation

  • Passion about making the right things happen in the right way at the right time—in spite of potential barriers.
  • Discipline in operational excellence.