The strength of an organisation relies on the strength of its people and at Monsanto we believe the wellness of our employees plays a fundamental role in the success of our business.  Given how much time we spend working we believe that we have the ideal environment to address issues of health and wellbeing of our employees. Like PEAK, our strategic partners in health, we believe that the implementation of a strategic corporate wellness initiative has benefits for both Monsanto and our people.

We know that a successful Health & Wellbeing program must be

  • Relevant
  • Engaging and
  • Results Driven

PEAK is part of the global group BUPA, who are also our corporate health care providers, so it made sense to choose PEAK as our strategic partner in rolling out this important initiative.

BUPA believes they have an ethical and social responsibility to contribute to the future health of our community and our environment. They have made a commitment, as part of their global Well World strategy to:

  • Empower 4 million Australians to make a positive change to be healthier by 2015
  • Reduce their carbon footprint by 9% by 2015

At Monsanto we think that’s a powerful and worthwhile strategy; we want to help all our employees make a healthy choice, which works for them.

Some of the activities that we have run in the past or will be running in the future include:

  • Skin Checks
  • Race around Australia – online step challenge
  • Health Consultations & Healthy recipe books
  • Flu Vaccinations (Annual offering)
  • Massage (including head/neck/shoulder); reflexology; back
  • Online Promotions
  • Self Defense Classes
  • Heart Health Screenings
  • Vision Screenings

Health Harvest is a program designed to offer something for everyone, regardless of age, level of fitness or location.  The online portal also offers a:

  • Health Profiler, so you can assess your current health status
  • Range of online tools you can use to improve your health and wellbeing
  • Online magazine