We are committed to helping youth discover and find STEM careers in agriculture. Below are a list of resources for students to learn more about STEM careers and how to plan their educational journey. In addition, we’ve provided a list of links to sites that provide educators with materials they can use when introducing students to the opportunities and challenges in agriculture.

It is never too early to start thinking about college. The following resources will help you plan for a career in STEM with materials to help you prepare for high school and college.

  • Monsanto STEM Education Outreach Videos
  • Farming Spotlight
  • Where does our food come from? Most kids don’t think about how food gets to their home. Resources like these are fascinating for them. They make it engaging and add a little bit of the real world to what we need to teach them everyday.

  • TeenLife Blog
  • TeenLife provides the comprehensive directory of STEM, gap year, pre-college, overnight summer and community service programs for students in grades 7-12. TeenLife is passionate about teen success. They know that teens who've had a range of meaningful outside-the-classroom experiences are more likely to succeed in school, in college, and beyond.

  • Education.com
  • Thousands of worksheets,educational games, and more!

  • StudySkills.com
  • Today’s Skills for School. Tomorrow’s Skills for the Workplace!

  • OwnYourOwnFuture.com
  • Start owning your own future by exploring resources that will help you on your path to college. The whole site is organized by grade to make sure you get the exact info you need.

  • Quora.com
  • What is the best way for a middle schooler interested in STEM fields to begin preparing for college? Get the best answer on quora.com.

Not sure what you want to study in college or where to start? The following resources will help you plan for a career in STEM with materials to help you prepare for college and your career.

  • High School Notes
  • Use All 4 Years of High School to Prep for College. Planning for college early can help ensure students are ready come graduation day.

  • Comprehensive College Planning Checklists
  • The following are checklists of the steps that should be included in your college preparation, application and selection process throughout high school. The site has many great resources in addition to the checklists so explore and look around!

  • College Online
  • High school is a time to discover yourself and figure out who you are as a person. However, it is also a time to get serious about what to do after high school. Here you will find 18 Things High School Students Can Do to Prepare for College.

  • Plan Your Career
  • What do you want to be? With all of the career possibilities available, how do you make a decision? Once you know what career path you want to follow, how do you get there? Use these free tools so you can make the right choice about which career to pursue.

Agriculture is an exciting and complex industry that is often difficult to help students understand. The following resources will aid you in introducing students at all grade levels to the agricultural industry and potential STEM careers. Resources are organized by grade level.




By providing links to other sites, Monsanto does not guarantee, approve, or endorse the information available on these sites.

Careers in Agriculture

Have you ever wondered if a career in agriculture is right for you? Check out the many opportunities available to you and decide for yourself!

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