Meet Our Veterans - Shawn

Global Security Services, Supervisor

What do you like about working at Monsanto?
Monsanto is a cultural melting pot! While in the United States Air Force I enjoyed traveling the world and experiencing other cultures, and since joining the company it has afforded me the same, if not more, opportunities to continue to experience cultural diversity (on a global scale).

What does your work entail?
I supervise a team of Lobby Security Officers who are responsible for ensuring a safe and secure working environment for Monsanto employees and guests.

What was your military occupation and what are the similarities and/or differences to the role you were hired to do at Monsanto?
While in the military I was an administrative professional with an emphasis in security management. The type of work I performed while in the military and what I am doing today here at Monsanto is similar in nature because I was/am responsible for the protection of company/organizational resources (people, equipment, and facilities).

A significant difference between what I was accustomed to in the military versus what I have come to value and respect since joining Monsanto is the manner in which rules and regulations are developed and enforced (a more democratic approach when leading a team of individuals toward achievement of common goals).

How did the skills you learned in the military prepare you for a career at Monsanto?
Serving in the United States military provided me with an opportunity to learn the importance of dedication and loyalty to an organization and team; traits I feel employers in the civilian sector would want to see in their employees. Because of the numerous relocations, short-notice temporary duty deployments, and change in leadership, I developed the ability to adapt to regularly changing conditions, and succeed under the circumstances. I have attended training in the US military which placed emphasis on development of my interpersonal skills; skills which I credit for the success I have enjoyed since my retirement.