Meet Our Veterans - Peter

IT, Project Coordination Lead

Why did you choose Monsanto?
I enjoy working for a global company with a vision and dedication to improve the world we live in. The focus on sustainability while engaging technological advancements is a fusion of strategies that challenges me every day to grow my personal capability in positive directions.

What does your work entail?
I lead a team of over 25 global project managers who provide new IT capabilities to every facet of Monsanto. I manage project assignments, engage with business sponsors and track delivery of over 800 efforts each year.

What was your military occupation and what are the similarities and/or differences to the role you were hired to do at Monsanto?
I began my Air Force career as a strategic aircraft mechanic and spent 8 years working on Boeing 747’s and air refueling tankers. I transitioned into IT roles for the last 13 years of my career with a focus on global infrastructure, project and program management. My experience working in an operational global IT environment is directly connected to my role at Monsanto.

How did the skills you learned in the military prepare you for a career at Monsanto?
I was challenged with operational and personnel management responsibilities early (and often) in my Air Force career. Developing those leadership and management skills over my 21 years prepared me for leading people, managing resources and delivering initiatives that span organizational, global and cultural boundaries.