Meet Our Veterans - Lisa

Supply Chain, Row Crops Stewardship & Compliance Lead

Why do you work at Monsanto?
I believe innovation is necessary to meet future challenges in sustainably feeding the world. We also have to wisely use our resources while treating people with respect and dignity. I believe Monsanto has an important role to play in that innovation and can make a global impact. I have a passion for people and have a unique opportunity in my current role to contribute to ensuring Monsanto respects the rights of workers and farmers across our supply chain and around the world.

How does your role at Monsanto relate to your military experience?
Monsanto initially hired me to work in the Regulatory Quality Assurance Unit due to my background as a microbiologist and experience in quality and process improvement. My military occupation was Military Police. You live and work with your team who you respect and trust with your life. I’ve had many responsibilities as an MP, including patrols, reconnaissance, raids, convoy and personnel escorts, vehicle recovery, establishing and maintaining physical security and training foreign police officers.

While specific tasks and environments vary greatly from daily work at Monsanto, both require agility, investigation, problem solving, and being able to foster relationships with people of diverse backgrounds. Both require leadership, integrity, operational excellence and creative approaches to accomplishing goals. Both require the ability to understand and evaluate the ‘grey areas’ and look for ways to mitigate risk and take action when required. Both require a passion for doing what’s right and making things better for other people.

What military skills help you with your career at Monsanto?
While I learned to fire weapons, carry heavy packs, and push myself to new limits, I also learned the importance of teamwork, integrity, and personal courage. I gained a respect for people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. I learned leadership, project management, people management, and creative problem solving with limited resources. I learned the importance of taking risks, understanding others and how to make effective decisions while under pressure. All of these skills are very valuable in my career and in my life.