Meet Our Veterans - Kevin

US Commercial, Area Process Trainer

What do you do at Monsanto?
I am a technician at a chemical process plant that produces herbicides for agriculture use. Every day I perform a wide scope of tasks including monitoring operating systems, performing trouble shooting and maintenance on equipment, overseeing contractor safety in production area and reviewing procedural documents. Furthermore, as an EMT and firefighter, I am a member of our plant’s emergency response team providing my skills to help ensure the health and safety of our plant.

What do you like about your job?
I enjoy the variety of work I get to perform and the mental and physical challenge that comes with it. Every new day is never the same as the last. I take pleasure in being able to contribute to a team that is always striving for production optimization and improvement.

How did the military prepare you for this job?
The military provided me with a strong work ethic, taught me the importance of team work and instilled some important values in me that help me in my day-to-day activities. Many of the aspects of my life I enjoyed while in the military are the same aspects that my job offers me - great team, structure and challenging work environment.

Do you have any advice for transitioning service members?
The agriculture field is constantly evolving and always in demand. If you apply values you learned in the military here, on the job, you will succeed at Monsanto. Go into a new job with confidence. Your military experience sets you apart from the rest of the field and has given you the experience to face any challenge.