Meet Our Veterans - Byron

Chemistry Account Manager, Crop Protection

Why do you work at Monsanto?
During my time in the Air Force I realized that I had a passion for agriculture. Monsanto is a great company to work for and I know that I am contributing to advancing agriculture, ultimately making growers more profitable, and in turn making food more available for the end user.

What does your work entail?
I work with retail locations to insure that farmers have the products to protect the yield potential of the seed they are planting and educate growers on the best practices on doing the same.

How does your role at Monsanto relate to your military experience?
I was an aircraft scheduler and though my job itself does not correlate directly to my current position, many of the skills I learned make me much more efficient in my role. Skills like time management, forecasting, and familiarity with multiple software platforms made it an easy transition to my current role.