At Monsanto, you’ll help solve some of our greatest food supply challenges. You’ll also have the support of an organization dedicated to your success and development. Every day, we invest more than $2.6 million to discover and deliver innovative technologies. Increasing the crop yield for farmers. Developing drought-tolerant corn for small-scale African farms. It’s a collaborative mission that has positively affected billions across the globe.

Seed Operations encompass all aspects of crop production, from planting through harvest, conditioning, treating, packaging and distribution for multiple crops including corn, cotton, canola, sorghum, soybeans and vegetables. As part of the Seed Production team, you’ll enjoy training and continuous learning. You’ll also work in a safe, secure environment. We’ve received OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program recognition and have earned STAR certification.

Seed Operations offers a variety of positions and career paths, including Field or Plant Operations Supervisors, Seed Quality Supervisors, Quality Lab Technicians, Safety Technicians, Production Research Associates and Crop Planners. We have opportunities at our corporate headquarters in St. Louis, MO in addition to our 40+ Seed Production Facilities throughout the United States, including Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

Student opportunities in Seed Production are primarily internship opportunities (Mid-May through Mid-August) working with corn, soybeans or cotton. These roles are located at one of our 35+ US seed locations. Locations include: Constantine, MI; Boone, IA; Kearney, NE; Illiopolis, IL; Farmer City, IL; Grinnell, IA; Waterman, IL; Remington, IN; Dumas, TX; Akein, TX; Windfall, IN; Centralia, IL; Redwood Falls, MN; Eloy, AZ; Scott, MS; Hawaii

We recruit on campuses in the Fall and conduct interviews in the Fall to fill all of our openings for the upcoming year. We aim to have our offers out by Thanksgiving.

As a Seed Production Intern you will get hands-on experience at a seed production facility. You will be involved with fundamental aspects of crop production. Field activities can include field inspections, stand counts, flaming and detasseling. During the internship you may have the opportunity to oversee a seasonal detasseling crew. Warehouse/Site activities will likely include receiving and counting product returns (bagging/re-bagging), reworking product, and quality sampling and testing. Pre-foundation daily activities likely include aiding in all aspects of hand pollination for breeder seed increases.

As part of the internship experience you will have the opportunity to participate in a cross functional experience by visiting another seed production site for a different crop, a research site, or even spend some time with a sales rep. Students may be asked to perform a specific project assignment in addition to daily operational responsibilities.

At the start of your internship you will have an orientation session at Monsanto’s World Headquarters in St. Louis, MO. This will provide you the opportunity to network with fellow students joining production and students who will be joining our field sales team. You will also have the chance to network with many senior leaders in Seed Production. At the end of the term you will join back together in St. Louis, MO for a year end wrap up where you will share your experiences in a formal presentation in front of managers and leaders.