Common Questions

Our recruitment cycle typically runs August-December each year. Online applications for all Internship, Co-op, and Trainee roles are available August 1 of each year with the majority of offers extended by the end of December. The interview process may include phone screens, one-on-one and panel interviews, and a skills test. Throughout this process, we want to make sure that we learn more about your skills and career goals as well as provide you with an understanding of our business so we can both find the best fit.

Learn who we are.

Meet us at an event:

  • Monsanto visits campuses from August through November each year. To find out if we are visiting your school, search our Event Calendar.

Create a talent profile:

  • Visit our job search page and click "My Account."
  • Accept the Monsanto privacy policy.
  • Click "New User" to create a username and password.
  • Follow the prompts to update your personal information, including prior work experience and job notification preferences. Don’t forget to upload your current resume.

Search for opportunities:

Apply online to open requisitions:

  • Click a job title to review the specific duties and responsibilities for that position. If you meet the qualifications for the role, click “Apply Online” and sign in to use the talent profile that you’ve created. Please note that Monsanto will only consider you for roles for which you have applied online. We do not accept paper or e-mail submissions. You should apply directly to individual requisitions in addition to creating your talent profile.

Check your Status:

  • After completing an application online, you can login to Taleo to view the status of your application. In addition, you can make updates to your work experience and resume.

Our recruiters and on campus representatives review applications to open requisitions and determine whom they would like to recommend for interviews. Your qualifications, academic achievements, collegiate involvement, work experience, and resume are considered. Your interview may be held on campus or over the phone and will include questions related to your experience and technical skills in addition to behavioral-based questions, which will allow us to better understand your approach to work. Following this initial interview, you may be asked to complete additional interviews, obtain an offer, or be provided with suggestions on how to become more competitive for future openings.

Here are a few tips to help you prepare for an interview with us:

  • Learn who we are.
  • Be prepared to share your experience. Have specific examples of the work that you have completed academically and professionally that relate to the position you are interviewing for. Be prepared to relate these projects back to our five core competencies:
    • Results Orientation: operational excellence, overcome obstacles
    • Courage and Candor: maintain integrity, offer objective feedback, stand for beliefs
    • Relationship and Networks: expand your network, collaborate, promote inclusion
    • Initiative and Foresight: anticipate and plan for the future, take action
    • Agility: adapt quickly to change, work with ambiguity well
  • Be authentic. We want to know who you are as an individual as much as we want to know how you work.
  • Have questions for us. This is your opportunity to learn more about how we work.
  • Meet with your Career Services Office to receive additional tips and tricks or schedule a mock interview.

Many offers for Intern, Co-op, and Trainee roles are extended within two weeks of the interview. However, it may take up to several months depending on the timing of your application and qualifications for the role. Your offer will include details on your position, location, salary, and additional benefits. We hope that you will have learned enough about our company throughout the interview process to make an acceptance decision within 3 business days after receiving an offer. Following acceptance of a verbal offer, you will receive a written offer to sign and return to us.