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Major: Agriculture and Food Industry Management
U.S. Vegetable Manufacturing Co-op

My work entails a good amount of spreadsheet work, lots of data analysis, and communicating with various individuals across all regions of the world for answers.

My favorite day was when we were invited to the Vegetable Manufacturing Global Supply Planning Meeting in downtown Clayton. We were able to spend all day working in groups on various supply chain and team building techniques.

Not only do you learn firsthand the importance of what Monsanto does and their benefit to the world with their advanced technology, but you gain an invaluable experience by achieving superior knowledge of corporate America, all the while meeting wonderful and helpful people.

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Major: Supply Chain Management
Global Procurement Co-op

During my time at Monsanto I discovered that the company encourages you to meet different people from across departments to learn from them. Everyone is willing to share their professional and personal experience. Networking opportunities are great! Meeting people from different departments really contributed to my professional as well as personal development.

I was working on a corporate project in one of my supply chain classes and had a chance to learn about Monsanto’s culture and supply chain strategy during that time. People from Monsanto were so nice and helpful. They were very passionate about what they do at the company and improving supply chain at Monsanto. I knew I wanted to join this group of people.

In addition to learning on the job, Monsanto provides a lot of classes for employees to continue improving themselves. I see many opportunities for myself at this company!

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Major: Information Science and Technology
IT Quality Services Co-op

Apart from the knowledge that I gain in such a short term, the opportunity to network and meet anyone across the organizational matrix is what I like the most about working at Monsanto. We are not dedicated to one team and one task, but given the opportunity to work across different teams.

My primary work is supporting my team with ChaRM (Change Request Manager) using SAP Solution Manager and CPS (Central Processing Scheduler). I play the first point of contact for users facing issues with the ChaRM. Apart from my team work, I also engage with the Data Services team in generating and presenting ERP dashboards to the extended leadership team on a monthly basis.

I learned a lot on the job, but what I enjoyed the most was the friendly culture here at Monsanto; I don’t have to travel around the world to meet people from different countries, because they are all here in one place.

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Major: Computer Management and Information Systems
IT Business Analyst Co-op

Monsanto has an expansive IT organization and I wanted to see how it supports its global operations. Food is an integral part of our lives and I felt that working for Monsanto would expand both my understanding of large IT corporations along with providing insight into an industry that we should all be paying more attention to in our daily lives.

The Co-op program is 6 months long for a good reason. In addition to your specific job duties and functions, there are many big picture concepts which can be intimidating to try to fully understand. Examples would be: the agricultural industry, global industry, corporate culture, the future of IT and services, SAP (and many other software applications in use), Monsanto’s current product line and future developments, along with how to keep a 100 year old company with 22,000+ employees strong, nimble, and growing.

I’m involved in two projects which extract information from our Monsanto system and deliver it to outside companies in a specific format and technology. Meeting with global teams to discuss regional needs and figuring out how to meet everyone’s data and preference needs within the timeframe of the project is very interesting and challenging.

Everyone knows Monsanto as a biotech leader, but their research and development in non biotech breeding and agronomics technology is incredibly interesting. The future of farming is not something I had considered prior to my Co-op experience and I hope to continue to become informed on this issue.

I definitely would refer anyone who wants to have a great career with a company that expects a lot from itself and its employees. If someone is just looking for a desk job, I’d suggest they go elsewhere.

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Major: Computer Science and Business minor
IT Application Developer Co-op

It makes me feel good to know that my work is actually being used within the company, and it is nice to know that I can successfully help out my colleagues if they are busy with something else by taking on a section of their work.

I like that everyone encourages me to network with people on other teams. It has helped me learn more about the different roles within the company and has helped me get a better idea of what I want to work on in the future.

I like to code, so my team lead has let me take over some of that responsibility. The main project I’m working on is doing a remake of an internal website; essentially coding a remodeled version of the website.

My advice to anyone who is thinking of starting a career is to know what area you are interested in and what you want to do, even if it is just to explore new opportunities. You will get asked countless times if there is anything that interests you other than what you are working on at that time. Don’t be afraid to ask someone to help you get into contact with people who are working in your area of interest. Everyone is here to help you find the right place for you.

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Major: Psychology and Computer Science minor
IT Business Analyst SharePoint Co-op

I love the open environment at Monsanto. My managers support my initiative and love hearing “What if we tried…” or “Can I try…”. They want to give me the opportunity to grow and show my strengths. They present me with challenges and let me solve them.

My work is helping Monsanto automate business processes and I think it’s going to make many run much quicker and smoother, allowing teams to do more important things than waiting on approvals or manually filling in repeated columns on a spreadsheet.

My advice to students and recent graduates is this: don’t be afraid to speak up and volunteer for projects. Along with that, don’t be afraid to ask questions.

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