Meet Our People - Scott

Mechanical Engineering Group Leader

Why do you work at Monsanto
I've been fortunate to work at Monsanto to develop my career in a place that's enjoyable to work as well as a company that I'm proud to be a part of. I've moved through several roles which have provided me opportunity to learn and grow as a professional, most recently having the chance to experience a leadership position.

I'm proud to work at Monsanto because of the strong core values here and the commitments that our company and leadership have made. Among those, the vision of providing important benefits to the world through increased food production, transparency and openness of our company’s intent, high standards in business ethics and product stewardship, and world-class leadership in quality, safety and environmental responsibility.

What does your work entail?
I manage a group of about a dozen engineers who work in project teams to design, procure and oversee construction of new manufacturing facilities for Monsanto in the US and worldwide. These projects cover all of Monsanto's business areas including crop protection, seed manufacturing, breeding facilities and vegetable seed production.

As group leader, I’m responsible for planning and assigning mechanical resources and monitoring engineering progress on the forty or more projects that are typically in some stage of execution. My main goal is to make sure that these projects are completed within the timeframe needed by our businesses, as well as using best available engineering technology as cost effectively as possible. 

I work with my group to make sure they are obtaining appropriate professional development as they build their careers, as there is much technical proficiency and on the job training required with any engineering role. I also direct the group’s efforts in establishing and maintaining mechanical engineering standards. These standards serve the dual purpose of establishing Monsanto’s high level of performance expectations and avoidance of duplication of effort on each new project.

What do you like to do outside work?
Outside of work, spending time with my family is my main focus. My wife and I have four children and enjoy hiking, mountain biking and basketball as well as activity in church responsibilities. I also enjoy home improvement projects - we're working on finishing our basement right now.