Meet Our People - Ryan

Research Scientist

Why do You work at Monsanto?
I work at Monsanto for two great reasons:

  • I really believe in our commitment to feed the planet and increase the quality of life for our customers
  • I get to do top-flight research using the latest in technology from a variety of fields. We're given the lattitude to do what we have to to tackle tough scientific problems and that is refreshing.

What does your work entail?
I'm a member of the Marker Discovery team  and we focus on applying the latest in new DNA sequencing and genotyping technologies to build molecular toolsets that help Monsanto breeders accelerate development of products. We look for ways to apply them to problems that the Breeding organization faces. We transform these solutions into working tools and methodolgies that can be transferred to the High Throughput Genotyping labs.  Much of what we do is now driven by comparative genomic sequecing; we will actually sequence the genomes of the lines involved and apply different models to the data to extract relevant information or develop genotyping assays.  We also participate in the stewardship of the technology and assays we develop, helping many downstream users design experiments, apply the assays and interpret data.

What do you like to do outside work?
When I am not spending time renovating my 1920s house, I enjoy 3-day eventing horseback riding.