Meet Our People - Lucy

Research Scientist

Why do you work at Monsanto?
At Monsanto we have a commitment to help farmers and delivering quality products. If you want to be part of the strongest agricultural biotechnology and manufacturing teams, this is the place for you! The open environment, broad networking and matrix culture supports your contributions and collaboration. I appreciate having a formal people review process to support my development and that of my peers and employees.

What does your work entail?
I lead our Genetic Quality Assurance (GQA) lab to support Monsanto’s global seed manufacturing. We test samples from the following programs for varietal purity, trait purity and adventitious presence:

  • North America Commercial, Foundation, and Pre-foundation Corn
  • Commercial, Foundation and Stock Seed Sweet Corn for Seminis
  • Soybean Breeding and Pre-foundation
  • The GQA supports global seed manufacturing with exclusive technology.
  • Special samples for other groups including Biotechnology and Breeding

My previous role includes leading an ISO certified high-through put protein analysis lab to support product development from discovery through commercialization.

What do you like to do outside work?
I love my work and I also enjoy my vacations. I can pursue my passion for travel and teach Sunday school in a local church.