Meet Our People - Gretchen

Vegetable Stewardship Lead

Why do you work at Monsanto?
Monsanto takes care of its employees by offering great benefits, competitive salaries and incentives, medical updates and preparedness, work-life balance initiatives, flexible work schedules if needed, and safety programs.

Monsanto wants you to be successful. There is a large focus on personal development and providing the employees tools to be successful such as mentoring programs, coaching, team building activities, and attendance at scientific conferences and meetings.  You can start and finish your career at Monsanto and be challenged the entire way. It's not just a job at Monsanto- it can be a life time career of success!

I believe and support what Monsanto is doing. The company strives to be transparent with its stakeholders and employees and therefore (personally for me) enables a lot of trust.

Its a fun place to work. The people are great! Everyone is driven to succeed in their role, however colleagues are always willing to help someone out. It's a matrixed organization with increased attention on communication and team-driven success.

What does your work entail?
My responsibilities include providing stewardship program support across the entire life cycle for Monsanto Vegetable products. I develop business-valued specific requirements for new products, ensure effective plan performance and manage stewardship reviews prior to commercialization. In this role, I work with many other groups within Monsanto. Stewardship is a great role to be in where I have the opportunity to be involved in various areas, meet and work with a diverse group of colleagues and feel I’m a contributor to the business.

What do you like to do outside work?
My husband and I own our own cattle operation and hay business. Life is quite full and happy raising our children. All of the farm activities keep us quite busy but when I do have a little additional free time I enjoy reading, keeping current on the news and visiting my family in Texas.