Meet Our People - Dipankar

Human Resources

Why do you work at Monsanto?
For me, it’s all about the people at Monsanto and the culture… The people at Monsanto are warm, approachable, and extremely passionate about the difference they can make in the world. They drive hard for results, and yet are wonderful colleagues, who partner and collaborate across the organization. I remember a conversation a few years ago with a new employee, who looked somewhat incredulous while she told me, “You know it’s been six months here, and everyone I’ve met has been extremely smart and really nice.” The culture is characterized by open lines of communication, an entrepreneurial spirit where people are encouraged to define their boundaries. There is a commitment to developing people that is deep rooted in the managers and as well as the employees. It’s a nimble and agile organization- needless to say there aren’t too many dull days at work!

What does your work entail?
My work entails working across regions and functions at Monsanto, to identify and address key talent management issues. I work on a range of initiatives- from managing some of our talent reviews and succession planning processes across world areas, to partnering with my colleagues to implement programs to attract top talent to Monsanto, to running a global mentoring program that connects mentors and mentees across world areas, to driving initiatives to develop the capability of our sales teams across the world, to creating learning modules in specific disciplines, to working with specific world areas and functions to help them address their local talent needs. I end up working extensively with virtual, global, cross functional teams, and spend a lot of time connecting with people across the world, often on conference calls. On a lighter note, I have a habit of walking around the halls, with my headset on while talking to someone on a call, leading a few of my colleagues to speculate if I’m talking to myself (yet again)!

What do you like to do outside work?
I love travelling- cherish the thrill of seeing new places, learning about countries, cultures, and people across the world. I enjoy spicy food, and love going out of my way to discover hole-in-the-wall ethnic restaurants that pose new challenges on the Scoville scale. Every once in a while, I dabble in photography and try my hand at oil painting. I like long drives and literature from across the world.  Other than that there’s nothing like spending quiet time at home with my wife, just watching our baby daughter discover the world around her…

What other regions have you worked in?
I’ve worked in India, before I moved to the United States with Monsanto. In my current role I’m fortunate to work with colleagues across the world.