Did you know that between now and 2020, approximately 58,000 agriculture jobs are likely to open annually? These jobs aren’t necessarily for farmers or people with agriculture backgrounds either. Many of the job openings are related to STEM: geospatial big data engineers, information security intelligence analysts, software developers, data scientists and architects to name a few.

Agriculture is undergoing rapid change. The digital revolution has vastly changed how farmers work these days. There are currently 40 decision-making apps and algorithms that allow farmers to choose the best products for their specific farming needs. There is a tremendous amount of data that goes into farming, and the industry needs people who can take the economic, weather, planting and geographic information and turn it into solutions that will help farmers sustainably feed 9 billion people by 2050. The earth’s resources are finite, and the best way to feed a growing population is to use those resources better and more precisely. And that will take a lot of computing power.

Job opportunities

  • In the United States, Monsanto currently has approximately 800 open roles, of which 50 require an agricultural background and 215 that require knowledge of plant science.
  • There is a high demand for software engineers, data scientists and cyber security specialists. We compete with Silicon Valley for tech savvy people.
  • We’re also hiring for jobs like agronomists, plant breeders, field site leads, site supervisors, production assistants and developers.
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Who we hire

  • We’re always looking for passionate professionals who want to make an impact on the world in a positive way. We want people who can work collaboratively and are invested in finding new and innovative solutions to making agriculture more sustainable.
  • We hire people from a myriad of backgrounds; you don’t necessarily have to know anything about agriculture to work at Monsanto. We stress on-the-job training and education so you can understand how your job impacts agriculture.
  • We actively look for people with diverse business perspectives and the flexibility to work with a variety of people wherever we conduct business. We feel creating an inclusive environment where employees of all genders, ethnicities, backgrounds and orientations feel welcome and able to contribute is paramount.
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Why work at Monsanto

  • At Monsanto you’ll have the opportunity to make a difference in the world.
  • Global food security is among the top challenges of the 21st century. Twenty years from now, the earth’s population will need 55 percent more food than it can produce, and we’re working to try and make a balanced plate more accessible.
  • The reality is that agriculture is undergoing rapid change. The digital revolution, climate change, advances in science, changes in consumer preferences in developed and developing countries, and many other trends are all producing a powerful upheaval and need for innovation. We need skilled, educated people to tackle this challenge.
  • Sounds like a place for you? Check out Monsanto current job opportunities and apply today.